Temporal and Spatial Merging of EO Patches

I have created a set of 4 EO Patches. I want to merge them over time (temporal merge) and over area (spatial merge). Is this possible??

Hi @sidharrth25 ,

Please follow this example to load your EOPatches. The FeatureType.DATA is numpy.ndarray. You can concatenate them as you wish and use libraries such as rasterio or gdal to save as TIFFs if needed.

Is MergeFeatureTask a possible solution??

When i try to load the EO Patches, after 3 eopatches have been loaded the jupyter notebook kernel collapses and goes into restart. Any specific reason why that may be happening??

Hi @sidharrth25 ,

It could be that you were trying to load too much data at once and the memory ran out.

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