Temporal NDVI Error (KMZ/KML files)


I am new to EO browser.

1-When I draw a polygon I can get temporal NDVI of a polygon but I need to get temporal NDVI of KML/KMZ files (polygon). When I try, it gives error. How can I solve this problem?

2-If possible I would like to upload many KML/KMZ (polygons) at the same time and would like to compare their temporal change.

3- I would like to download time series statistics as xml etc file.


Might it be that your KML has too many points? Try to simplify it.
See also this thread TIF 8-bit (unable to download)

I ve already checked that topic before but I have just 8-10 points.

Can you submit a kml here so that we can test?

I checked the KML and the problem is that it has 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z) and only 2D is supported for now. If you edit hte KML somehow to remove this, it should work. We will try to support this on the client as well.

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Thank you very much.

I created the kml file directly from Google Earth but I dont know how to remove height information from it :frowning:


We have deployed a new version of EO Browser (v2.16.0), and we are now removing the elevation from the coordinates field, in order to support FIS requests with uploaded files that contain 3 dimensions.
Please let us know if you are experiencing any further problems.

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Thank you very much. It works now.

Do these operations available currently? If not, do you have any plan to add these options?


2 - This is a bit tricky to implement, so I am reluctant to promise that this would be possible in a future release.

3 - We are definitely going to implement this in the future, but we will most probably only export the data in .csv
and .json format

In case someone stumbles over this. With the latest release of EO Browser to v3.0.42 it’s now possible to export the statistics as .CSV.