The new PlanetScope Subscriptions API

Hi users,

You may have noticed a new addition to PlanetScope data - the Subscriptions API, which allows you to ingest all PlanetScope products in a specified (including open) time range for a specific polygon of your choice. This feature is similar to Order by Query, but has two important advantages:

  • With Subscriptions API, there is no limit to the number of products you can order, while in Order by Query, the limit is 250 products.
  • Subscriptions API time range can cover not only past and present dates, but also future dates. A user can thus specify any time-range, including an open one. For example, one can subscribe to all the data for a specific parcel for the past 5 years, as well as to all data in the future (as long as the commercial subscription is active) by leaving the “To” date empty ("To":""). This way, all products that are already available will be ingested right away, while future products will be ingested automatically as soon as they become available.

In Requests Builder, there are now two modes for the 3rd Party Data Import API - Orders for individual orders and Subscriptions. See this FAQ for step-by-step instructions on how to order a PlanetScope Subscription in Requests Builder.

In the Dashboard, there is a 3d Party Data section in the navigation bar on the left, which also has two tabs - Orders and Subscriptions. This is where all your subscriptions will appear, and you can view the status of ingested tiles, geometry and collection ID.

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