Third party data Order Failed

Hello everybody, I was trying to perform an order of Third Party Data, using the request builder tool. However, a time after I did the order, I saw that the order was finished, but it was in red color and showing a message of fail in the status. I tried to confirm the order again, but it showed another error message. The order was already discounted from my QUOTAS, so the question is: Is there any way to recover the QUOTA that was removed with the failed order? And, Why would the order have failed ?

Hi @sergio.cardenas,
can you share more information about your problem, so that we can investigate, i.e. sending the first half of the order ID string? And letting us know which error was shown?
You can explore your orders by going to the Dashboard and you should also be able to see the error there.
I did just that for your account and I see two orders, which are both successfully finished.

Generally speaking, the order might fail for two reasons:

  • an issue on the side of the data provider (i.e. Airbus, Planet) - in this case your quota should be automatically reimbursed
  • an error on our side, which might result in quota remaining used - in this case we kindly ask you to contact us to investigate the issue

If there indeed is an error, your quota will obviously be reimbursed. You should not “pay” for failed orders.
Do note that quota is consumed for every order, even if repeated for the same area, so we recommend to not do that until the error has been investigated and resolved.


Update to the above:
Afetr further investigation we have indeed identified there is an error. By first look it seems you have used the same Collection for both SPOT and Pleiades orders, which is not OK as they have different resolutions.

Let our engineers investigate this a bit more in details. I believe we will be able to solve the issue.

Hi, we restarted the ingestion for this order and it has finished successfully.

Also a correction to the above: SPOT and Pleiades orders can use the same collection. The different resolutions are handled by the BYOC service.

Than you ever so much! :smiley: