Tile collection error

I got PlanetScope AUM Tier-2 plan for one year. However I can not add a new collection and encountered the below error when I am adding the tiles:

  • POST and PUT requests are not allowed for TPDI collections on the tile endpoint.

The error simply states you need to use GET type of request on tile endpoint:

This has nothing to do with the “not being able to add new collection”.
What would you want to do?

I want to add a new collection for a new period of time. According to the below tutorial, I am making a new collection and adding tile:

Can you list the steps you are making, ideally with screenshots. so that i can see where you are making an error?

I aimed to add a new collection into the dashboard through the following steps summarized by the attached figure.

The manuals you are following are for “Bring your own data”. However, the collection created is for “Third party data Interface” (TPDI), so not all things are equal. I.e. you cannot add your own files in the TPDI collection.
What do you actually want to do?

Sorry I am a new user in sentinel hub collection. The main problem is, we have Planet Scope AUM Tier 2 plan for one year. I need to use planet scope images from Feb 2024 to Now. in the below image showing that the current collection limited to the end of Feb 2024.

The “maximum sensing time” is not the limit, but rather just information on what is available in the collection.
You can always create a new PlanetScope subscription, using the same collection as a delivery, and you will get data in there.