Time out with FIS request

Hello all, or actually Grega as you seem to be the main responder,

as already mentioned at other post, I am considering building some services based on your FIS request. Nevertheless, once I request FIS for more than lets say few months, I quite often get a time out FIS request error: Total timeout 20000 ms elapsed.

What are the limitations of FIS request?


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There is no hard limit, but we recommend 3 months period.
That being said, we are just about to roll out improvement for FIS service, which will make it much more stable. So I would hope that one year queries will be working well in all cases as well.

(I guess I am the only one having enough time to respond in working hours :slight_smile: but this will improve as well!)

Thanks a lot! Or maybe having enough time to answer outside of working hours:slight_smile:

3 month is truly too short for agriculture use. The most optimal would be to allow at least a 6-8 months to see the phenological development from start to end of the season. Multiple years would allow additional comparison of different seasons and giving farmer option to see effects of i.e. climate, management strategies etc…

thanks for your efforts!

Thanks for the feedback. Most of our users split longer request into several smaller ones and then join results. It is pretty straightforward.
That being said, we will take your input into account and are working hard to extend (and speed up!) the reliable request to at least one year.

Marcela, we have now switched to the new system so there should be less timeouts and it should be possible to do one year queries as well without a problem.
Can you check if you see the improvement?

Perfect. It works without errors and appears about 10 times faster.