Timestamps for NO2 images

I’m checking the Sentinel 5P NO2 images for the Southeastern US on 9/9. There are four images, with time ranging from 11:03:03 UTC to 12:48:03 UTC. It can be converted to the local time (EST) of 6:03 AM to 7:48 AM. But the satellite over passing time is ~13:30 in the afternoon. Am I missing something in this conversion? Thanks!

Hi taozeng,

could you please provide more details:

  • Which of our tools you used for checking (searching for) the images?
  • What is the exact location of your area of interest?
    If you use EO Browser, could you please provide a link.

I have tried to search for these products in EO Browser but I only got two, one with sensing time around 19:28:03 UTC and another with sensing time 17:48:03 UTC. The latest roughly correspond to what you said the expected over passing time is, i.e. 13:48:03 EST.