Token API problem?

I’m getting the following error when using the WCS service:
MissingTokenError: (missing_token) During execution of task S2L2AWCSInput: (missing_token) Missing access token parameter.
And in the dashboard, I can’t see my token count:

Hi @barrett,
is the issue still appearing?
We did indeed find an isolated error and fixed it.
Thanks for notification.

I’m not sure originally, but it just happened again at 19:45 CET this evening.

Looking at the system I cannot see the same set of error as before.
Might it be that this was just an occasional error, that sometimes happens? E.g. you’ve made 265.489 requests in the last 24 hours, 333 of these resulting in 503 (0.1%).

I will let you know if it happens again with more details.
Indeed, it is rare compared to the total number of requests, but I’ve not had it happen at all before, and now it happens twice in 24 hours.
My code handles the normal 503 errors when a download fails, but because this error occurs when the sentinel hub library tries to access the number of remaining tokens, it causes a different error. I will write extra error handling, but would suggest it would be helpful for the cause of the error to be understood and solved.

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We are right now remodelling the rate limiting part of the Python package, based on the input you have provided few weeks ago (the long timeout error) and we will then avoid this check of the remaining tokens.

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Good to know.
Thanks for your support, and for the service itself - it is world changing in terms of development opportunities!

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