Token not authorized on paid account

Hi community!

I have been using sentinel for about a month and I just upgraded to a new “Basic” account, which gives me access to heavier use of the Process API. That said, I am having some difficulty authorizing my account.

I created an oauth client and copied in the client id and secret into my code. I am able to generate a token perfectly fine, but when I make a request to the url I used for about a month it no longer works.

It seems like the examples no longer have the url as
but instead have it changed to
What happened? Why do the same examples show a different url? Why does the old one not work?

Hi Ryan,

I understand the confusion but Sentinel Hub APIs are deployed in two different locations, it’s important you refer to the correct documentation depending on where you are using Sentinel Hub APIs.

It looks like you need to create your oauth client in the correct dashboard. If you are using the Copernicus Data Space Ecoystem as your endpoint you create your credentials here.

If you are using Sentinel Hub (but not on the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem) you create them here.

If both apis return the same satellite data (set of sentinel satellites), why are they not on a single endpoint?