Trace ponds and swimming pools from the sattelites

Dear all,
which tool is the advisable to trace water ponds or swimming poolls (i.e. small amount of water) from the sattelites?
Best Regards

Pavlos Koutroumpas

Hi Pavlos,

The typical size of a swimming pool is around 9,5 * 5 meters. With the open satellite sensors available, you will struggle to identify pools, as they will occupy less than a pixel. You can barely pick out pools (you get a hint there are some, but that’s it) using Sentinel-2: example, which can clearly be seen in high-resolution imagery.

For this application, I would suggest you look at the commercial data offering in Sentinel Hub, which provides sensors with resolutions high enough for your application. I would say World View could be an ideal sensor.

For water ponds, it depends how big they are. I would suggest you explore using EO Browser to see if any open data are suitable.