Transparency is not working


I’m having an issue with the api, i don’t know if u change something but know i cannot get the wms images with transparency.

i didn’t change anything in the code.


Might it be that you have not migrated the EVALSCRIPT to V3 as it was communicated many times over the past months?
See the last entry on this topic:

Perhaps this would be useful:

Thanks for the fast answer.

How can i implement that in the getMap request?

I’m a bit lost because i don’t use your api directly, I use libraries for both python and js languages that use your api, but i see that do u have the getMap request here:

But i don’t know what to do exactly.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

Hi @FernetB,

I have outlined the process in your question in sentinelhub-js issues now, hope it helps.

I’m going to see that.