Trouble downloading Copernicus

I am new to AWS CLI. I am trying to download files from


I was able to download tilelist.txt and readme.html but I am constantly getting errors when trying to download the directory or file with the .tif raster.
As far as I can tell (confirmed using ls) my path is correct:

aws s3 cp --no-sign-request s3://copernicus-dem-30m/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM.tif D:\ITH_analysis_maps

Yet I get the following error:

fatal error: An error occurred (404) when calling the HeadObject operation: Key "Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM.tif" does not exist

As can be seen, the error message it is omitting s3://copernicus-dem-30m

I am clueless about how to resolve this.
Thanks for any help!

To add, I get the same error when trying to download the object.

C:\Users\Eyal>aws s3 cp --no-sign-request s3://copernicus-dem-30m/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM D:\ITH_analysis_maps
fatal error: An error occurred (404) when calling the HeadObject operation: Key "Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM" does not exist

Using ls confirms the path is correct:

C:\Users\Eyal>aws s3 ls --no-sign-request s3://copernicus-dem-30m/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM
                           PRE Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N68_00_W133_00_DEM/

Hi, this forum is used primarily for supporting Sentinel Hub API users, however, I would ensure you double check that the URL you are using are correct. In addition, if accessing files in the AWS S3 bucket, I would suggest using aws sync rather than aws cp

Alternatively, you can use Sentinel Hub APIs to access the Copernicus DEM 30m data collection, then you no longer need to worry about individual files and only access the data that you require. More about this data collection can be found here and the Process API here.

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The sync command worked!
Thank you for the other recommendations!

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