Troubles using the QGIS plug-in

Hello everyone,

I have some troubles with the QGIS plug-in.

I need to download maps from different ranges with different combinations of variables (2-3-4, 3-4-8, 5-6-7, 8a-11-12) to study a forest during growing season. Unfortunately, it ain’t work : the app says “The bounding box area is too large! Please zoom in.” That doesn’t really makes sense since I select a very small area compared to some I already selected before.

I use a shp with geolocated points as reference. I also tried with the OpenStreetMap background map and zooming, which gave no different result. I even tried to use a custom bounding box but that way either it ain’t work. My subscription is active, and I also tried to download a simple NDVI card to check : it doesn’t work either.

If anyone has a solution I will be grateful, I’m totally stucked for now ! I apologize if it’s a very easy to deal with mistake, I’m just beginning with sci-hub.

Best regards !


I tried it with your configuration and 3 different layers and all works fine for me (Qgis v 3.4.4).

You could try:

  • Make a copy of your configuration in SH Dashboard and use the new configuration id in Qgis plugin.
  • Does it work if you add WMS layer directly in Qgis (without using the plugin)?

Hello ! Sorry for the late answer !

Unfortunately I had no problem doing it with layers add directly on QGIS ! I tried to copy paste my id again, it ain’t work either … Honestly I’m powerless, I can definitely not understand why something that worked perfectly before won’t work now :frowning:

Anyway, big thanks for your help, it’s highly appreciated :wink: !