True color images too dark

Is there some custom layer to get brighter true color images?

Try stretch:

A bit more lengthy description on how to fine-tune colors:

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Is there a script example for setting gain, gamma and RGB? Couldn’t find.

Found it!


Hey everyone,

First off, big thanks to the author for bringing up this issue. Dealing with dark true color images can be frustrating, and I totally get where you’re coming from, ofgnxx…

I checked out the link you shared and found the script you mentioned. It’s awesome that you found the solution! I’m currently working on a project for Andersen and got this error. Gosh, I thought everything was gone, but I found your advice and it works.

Setting gain, gamma, and RGB can indeed make a huge difference in brightening up your true color images. I had a similar problem a while back and stumbled upon this script – what a game changer!

It’s a simple tweak, but it does wonders.