Trying to download 3rd part data fails for too small area when area is 0.14

I’m trying to download Pleiades image for a multipolygon I have using the sentinel hub request builder.
The area of interest is basically several polygons, with area of 0.14sqkm, which are uploaded as one geometry that is geojson file :

However, after I select the product I want to download, I get the following error:

It is true that each individual polygon is smaller than 0.1 , but together they are more than 0.1sqkm.

My question is, why do I get this error, and if there is any way to overcome it.


the error message could indeed be more clear. The limitation is that the intersection of your area of interest and the full Pleiades product must be at least 0.1 km2, for each of the product(s) you are ordering.

In your case I suggest you look up the product geometries as returned by search, then either enlarge/merge some of your polygons accordingly or leave out the products that intersect just part of your AoI.

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