TYPENAME=DSS12 not found

I have tried calling:

https://services-uswest2.sentinel-hub.com/ogc/wfs/{{sentinel}}?REQUEST=GetFeature&TIME=2023-01-01/2023-02-02&TYPENAMES=DSS12&MAXFEATURES=100&SRSNAME=EPSG:4326&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&GEOMETRY=POLYGON((20.125762 74.027278, 20.125714 74.027761, 20.12462 74.02768, 20.124021 74.027198, 20.125762 74.027278))

multiple times but I always get the response: [CDATA[ TYPENAME=DSS12 not found! ].

I have tried replacing “services-uswest2” with “services”. Any assistance would be of great help.

In order for WFS to work for a specific source, you need to have at least one layer with that source. In this case Landsat 8 Level 1 Collection 2. services-uswest2 is the right end-point.

If the above hint does not help, do write the first two blocks of tyour instance ID, so that we can retry it.

The solution worked, thanks.