Typical order execution time - SPOT/Pleiades


What is an expected order execution time for a relatively small area of a couple of km2 for SPOT/Pleiades data? Minutes/hours? I have an order running for ca. 1h now, yet I had an impression it should take just a couple of seconds based on what I heard during the webinar.


Dear Ole,

tile ingestion can take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. It’s not just a couple of seconds - this is only true for accessing already ingested data using process API. In the webinar, we had our tiles ingested in advance, so we didn’t keep everyone waiting for ingestion. So when you confirm your order, you can expect it to be running for some time. But do click refresh orders and check tile status, if you’re looking at it in the Requests Builder, just in case it didn’t jump to “DONE” right away.


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Hi Monja,

Got it, thanks for the reply!

Also, if the system has a lot of tiles to ingest (due to many people using it or making large orders), ingestion can be a bit slower at times. Due to this, ingestion is a bit slower than usual at this moment.

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Thanks for more details! Is it somehow possible to set up email notifications for when orders are processed? If not, please consider this a suggestion for future development :slight_smile:

Hi, I have just checked and the order for SPOT data has been running for around 48h now - are you experiencing any issues at the moment?

Hi @ole.s,
I believe your order was ingested already, right?

For Airbus data the order execution depends on the state, where the data are, at the time of the order - Airbus is keeping some “on-line” (you can recognise these by having a status SENSOR) and some in the “cold archive” (status ALBUM). The first ones are typically ingested in 5-15 minutes. The latter ones can take a couple of hours. We have not yet heard about 48 hours, but it might be that there are many orders being processed at the same time, taking more time to process.

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Hi @gmilcinski,

Thanks for the reply! Yes, it is ingested already. Not sure about the exact moment it was ingested and where to check that (if possible at all), however, it was finalized within 48-72h timeframe.

Thanks for pointing out to sensor/album status - I did not pay attention to that one when placing this particular order, yet will do that going forward.