Unable to download a sentinel image with this python script

I just installed Sentinel hub today and I want to download some tiles for my country but this is giving me no tiles whatsoever. By the way not sure if my code is properly formatted or not. I did not see an option to format code nor did I see an option to preview what i have written.


import sentinelhub
import pandas as pd 
import datetime

tiles = ["43TCJ","43TDJ"]

#specify start and end date (here we use May 2017)
dateStart = "2020-09-13"
dateEnd = "2020-09-13"

#create date range
dates = pd.date_range(start=dateStart, end=dateEnd)

#loop over tiles
for tile in tiles:
   print("Downloading tile: " + tile)
   #loop over dates
   for date in dates:
        print(str(date.date()) + " ...")

        #try if there is a product available for the selected date
            sentinelhub.download_safe_format(tile=(tile, str(date.date())), entire_product=True)
        except Exception as ex:
            template = "No image for the specified tile / date combination could be found."
            message = template.format(type(ex).__name__)

Hi @winash12,

Is it possible that those 2 tiles are not available for 2020-09-13? If they are, then I recommend checking what kind of exception, together with the entire stack trace, you get from the line

sentinelhub.download_safe_format(tile=(tile, str(date.date())), entire_product=True)

By the way, in markdown you can format Python code like this:


which is transformed into


Thanks for the prompt response @maleksandrov.

This is the message I get -

issues. Pull requests are also very appreciated
warnings.warn(message, category=SHUserWarning)
Downloading tile: 43TCJ
2020-09-13 …
No image for the specified tile / date combination could be found.
Downloading tile: 43TDJ
2020-09-13 …
No image for the specified tile / date combination could be found.

I was viewing some sentinel images on that same date on the eos.com site for my country. So I think it is available. However maybe I am specifying the wrong input for downloading. Is it possible to use a bounding box of latitutdes and longitudes ?

Yes, there are multiple ways how to search which tiles are available on s3://sentinel-s2-l1c bucket. Please check this documentation paragraph for more info.

@winash12 - Hi, although the question is quite old, maybe someone else will find that useful - I think the problem is that the dateEnd should be 2020-09-14. My understanding is that the search adds time to the date, hence you essentially request the image between 2020-09-13T00:00 to 2020-09-13T00:00, so there are no images for that period (date+time). If you will change the dateEnd to 2020-09-14, then the search will be between 2020-09-13T00:00 to 2020-09-14T00:00, and then it will find the image (assuming the image was taken sometime in 2020-09-13).