Unable to download the Planet Image using Request Builder

We are trying to download the Planet scene using the Request builder. As, it prompts for creating a collection ID for the first time. When you Yes as mentioned in the document it will show your created Collectionid in the sentinel dashboard in the Bring your own COG section. But we are not able to see any newly created collectionID. Attached are the sceenshots

Hello Gunjan,

The collection should be created after the order is confirmed not just created.
To confirm the order click on the recently created one under the Orders section and then click Confirm Order.

Let me know if you encounter any other problems.

Ignasi Espinosa

Hello Igansi,

Thanks i was able to create the collectionID.

[Redacted image by administrator as it provides user’s proprietary data]

And links of tiff file comes as mentioned in the screenshots above. So, how do i download individual or stacked (RGB-NIR) tiff files locally. Moreover, let’s say i don’t want to store the data on your s3 bucket and want to delete it. How do i do that? Or let’s say i don’t want to store intermediately tiff files in sh.tpdi.byoc.eu-central-1. I want to store it in our s3 bucket how do i do that?

Hello Gunjan,

To access and download the data you can check the docs, but the main options are to use the Process API or the OGC Services.

As for deleting and moving the data this is not supported so I would suggest you download the data following the procedure mentioned on the docs and then upload it into your bucket.

Ignasi Espinosa

Is there any provision by means of which we can preview how does the image would look before downloading? Otherwise what is happening despite of checking cloud and snow cover and only downloading images which has 0 cloud and snow cover. We are getting images (RGB-NIR) like this

And we are incurring charges for such images which won’t be useful to us.

Also, which product gets downloaded using ProcessAPI or OGC service? As mentioned on Planet’s site PlanetScope, SkySat, and RapidEye imagery is available as orthorectified (Visual and Analytic) products and un-orthorectified Basic scenes

Hi Gunyan,
preview of data is not provided by satellite owners at this scale. They do typically provide low scale previews at the scene level and you can actually find this in the search response as well, e.g.:

That being said, I doubt that previews at this scale would help you detext images with haze like in your example.
Therefore you will probably have to accept the fact that some data are coming like this if you will want to use Planet data.

We currently provide “analytic” product type through the API, see:

@gmilcinski Can you enable to Visual product (which is color-corrected according to official document) in the Request Builder for us? Also as mentioned here how can we access RedEdge band?

Hi @gunjan,
visual product is currently not supported by Sentinel Hub API, sorry about that.
Red edge is only coming in the future versions of Dove satellites, so not available yet.

If I follow ‘_self’ link I get prompt for the authorization but the ‘thumbnail’ link just fails with 401 and ‘please provide an apikey’ message.
What should I do to see the thumbnail?

Hi @dvitas,

To get that you need to attach the apiKey as a authentication header.

To do that you can use curl -u <apiKey:apiKey> <thumbnail-url>. This will attach the following header in the HTTP request: Authorization: Basic <token> where the token is the string of apiKey:apiKey encoded in base 64.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Ignasi Espinosa

Note that we have put on ourselves to expose the thumbnail image directly through our API as well, now that we see that there is significant users’ interest.
It might take some time, but in a few weeks it should be ready.

That works, thanks!

But it’s a workaround and Planet should be notified that also ‘tiles.planet.com’ should emit a header ‘WWW-authenticate’ as ‘api.planet.com’ does and then browser will take care for easy clicking through the ‘search’ response.