Unable to obtain an access token due to CORS policy restrictions

I’m unable to obtain an access token due to the CORS policy, even after creating a new OAuth2 client from the Dashboard and implementing the necessary JavaScript updates during migration.


Dear Mohamed,
can you perhaps try again?
The issue should have been resolved about 20 minutes ago.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

@gmilcinski thank you for your replay
I still to encounter the same issue, and I’m seeking a solution. If there’s any recommended approach to address and resolve this problem, I would appreciate guidance.

Can you please provide the first three blocks of your client ID, so that we check?

@gmilcinski here’s my client ID : 78036512-bab3-4e39…

It works now. Thanks a lot

I am getting CORS issue with “https://services.sentinel-hub.com/auth/realms/main/protocol/openid-connect/token
my client id : af5eba7a-85ce-4d14

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