Unable to purchase top-up processing units

I ordered a yearly plan, but my account has been temporary throttled due to usage exceeding configured volume of processing units.
I would like to purchase top-up processing units for the transition to continue my work. However, the “BUY” button is disabled.
Can you help me solve this problem?
Please do something, Thank you.

Dear Andy,

Top-up is only available for Basic level subscriptions and higher.

Best regards,


Do note that the quota will be automatically reset at the beginning of the next month, so you will be able to use the system again from there on, without any action required.

I understand, thank you for the reply.

I found out that a non-existent API key consumed most of the pu. This key was not generated by me, and it does not exist in the API list. It was shown as deleted in the bill last month, but it still uses resources this month…

This specific client ID belongs to EO Browser. Whenever you are using EO Browser, under your own account, the consumption will be billed under this client ID.
There is indeed an issue with reporting of the client id as deleted - it is not deleted, it is just inaccessible to you as it belongs to EO Browser.
We apologise for the inconvenience.

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