Unable to visualize PlanetScope images in EO browser

I purchased the Exploration subscription because all I wanted was to visualize very high definition images in the EO browser. The only satellite in my area of interest in PlanetScope and there doesn’t seem to be a way to visualize the images.

I cancelled the sub for now. I just want to see the progress on a major construction project and Sentinel 2 is very blurry, even for the bigger projects.

Hi Renae,

Sorry that your experience with the service wasn’t as you expected. Below you will find a couple of points that may help you understand better the data that we offer:

  • The reason Sentinel-2 looks “blurry” when observing construction sites, is because the sensor was designed for other applications. Indeed, Sentinel-2 is geared towards monitoring large-scale activities/processes on the Earth’s surface such as agriculture, biodiversity changes, climate and many more… For these purposes the satellite offers a good compromise between resolution and spatial coverage.

  • Sentinel-2 is the highest resolution open-access data that you will find in Sentinel Hub services. To access higher-resolution commercial data, an additional purchase is required, as stated in our FAQ and pricing page. Therefore, to be able to visualise PlanetScope images, you would need to purchase a PlanetScope package on top of your Exploration subscription. The prices for the packages are accessible via your dashboard.

I hope this clears any misunderstandings.

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