Uncomplete image in request

Hey there

We are using Sentinel Hub API do get image of each date that has NDVI index.

But, some images are coming cutted.

Why this happen, is there any way to avoid it ?

Can you post the Request URL of the last image, so that we see, what is going on (do leave only first two blocks of the instance ID).

My guess would be that some of the following is happening:

  • this area is on the border of two tiles, where the lower tile is not available (yet?)

  • your URL request has a TIME parameter set too sharp - neighboring tiles have different sensing times, so you should leave a window of a couple of minutes (up to 45 minutes will guarantee you not to get data from consecutive overlapping orbits)

I guess I’ve faced with the same: Sentinel-2 L2A products crops unpredictably But I don’t know what to do yet.