Understanding Sentinel 1 data in relation to biomass

I’m a complete beginner to SAR data, and I would like to build an understanding of how to work with it.
As an end goal, I’m trying to estimate the amount of biomass in a given AOI.
Sentinel 2, and Sentinel 3 are fairly straightforward to understand and work with. Essentially getting NDVI etc from Sentinel 1, and land temperature data from Sentinel 3. But Sentinel 1 is not so straightforward.
So where should I begin to understand SAR data, and specifically Sentinel 1 data.
Also, should I be looking at other datasets on Sentinel Hub for this end goal?
Landsat, or are there better commercial offerings available?


This is a very wide ranging question and your end goal is not something easy to achieve. However, I think you already know this! Sentinel-1 is a completely different dataset compared to Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 and I would recommend understanding SAR data before going deeper into the subject.
A course I can recommend is the Echoes in Space course. I went through this course a few years ago and it helped me begin my SAR data analysis journey! I think it should also help to answer many of your questions you already have. In addition, Google is also your best friend for seeing how other scientists have previously tried to calculate Biomass using SAR data, so I would also recommend using that as a resource to start answering your questions.

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Hello William,
Yes, I understand the end goal is fairly involved, and thank you for the recommendation to EO College. It seems to be a treasure trove of remote sensing knowledge. :slight_smile: