Understanding the Benefits of a Paid Sentinel Hub Subscription Over Free Sentinel-2 API: What Additional Value Does It Offer?

I’m a bit confused. While Sentinel-2 data is available for free through its open source API (AWS), I’m wondering about the advantages of using a paid Sentinel API. What additional value does a paid Sentinel Hub subscription bring, and how does it enhance the experience compared to using the free API for downloading data?

Hi @nearliet ,

Sentinel Hub APIs enable users to take the advantages of cloud infrastructure, meaning that users no longer restricted by the computation resource of their local machines. With Sentinel Hub APIs users do not need to handle the annoying pre-processing steps such as mosaicking or resampling. These are all taken care by the APIs and users just need to specify how they want to process the image in the request. In this blog post you’ll find out how Sentinel Hub APIs bring values to the Earth Observation field compared to traditional workflows.

Please also have a look at our documentation and our custom script repository which show many use cases.

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