Upgraded my account from trial one to basic plan, but it's still restricted

I used a trial account (with which I supposed to have 30,000 processing units) for about a month and it was expired because of the exceed of processing units.
(I got the data of sentinel-2-l1c, ndwi and band-for-s2cloudless using WcsRequest in OGC service)

So, I have upgraded my account to basic one (with which I suppose to have 70,000 processing units) , but the message showed below has keep telling me that there are no acceptable processing units anymore.

I would like to ask you that why I don’t have processing units even though I have upgraded my account and why I still cannot get data of sentinel-2 by using WcsRequest in OGC service.

Hi @sho ,

Thank you for reporting the issue. The restrictions are removed and you should be able to use it without any problems.

Hi @chung.horng ,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I confirmed that the restrictions were removed and data retrieval of sentinel-2 appropriately worked.
Thank you very much.

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