Url of process-api changes

as i am making some processing of tiff files, i needed to use both of process-api and statistics-api.
for the statistics-api it has been always the follwoing url is used:


but fot process-api, sometimes it is either services.sentinel-hub.com or creodias.sentinel-hub.com
we did not receive any notifications indicates that the original one services.sentinel-hub.com has been changed.

now, sometime services.sentinel-hub.com works for process-api and sometimes it is creodias.sentinel-hub.com

please let me know how can i detect which one of the aforementioned url is to be used

The end-point depends on which data collections are using.
I.e. if you are focusing to Sentinel-2 or Sentinel-1, it is best to use services.sentinel-hub.com
If you use Sentinel-3 or Sentinel-5p, you need to use creodias.senitnel-hub.com.

You will find this detailed in the documentation for specific data collection: