URL request Get no information (Statistical info FIS)

I am trying to use the url to obtain statistical information but I do not receive anything, I am doing it as indicated here can you please help me?

The url I am using is:
http://services.sentinel-hub.com/ogc/fis/{ID}?LAYER=NDVI&CRS=EPSG:4326&RESOLUTION=10m&GEOMETRY=POLYGON((-97.727139 20.832778,-97.724889 20.832972,-97.722389 20.828361,-97.723056 20.826944,-97.723389 20.828,-97.724333 20.828056,-97.725222 20.828639,-97.726833 20.828917,-97.727139 20.832778))&TIME=2018-01-01/2018-03-31

Always returns empty {}

Thank you,


The GEOMETRY should be in lat/lon order. Looking at this call I feel you have it the other way around?