Use of Sentinel Hub in Assessing Crop Moisture Especially Sugarcane

I’m managing an Estate in Mozambique with an area of 17 000 hectares , I’d want to track the crop moisture status of the crop on a weekly basis. In addition , I’d want to split the area into different zones and develop a report that tracks the moisture status at each of these areas. Note sure if there is material or a tutorial on Youtube that deep dives into the subject of indeces that track crop moisture.

Hi Alvine,

Thanks for the question. There are several scripts related to soil moisture in the custom scripts repository; for example, the Normalized Difference Moisture Index. You can also search the repository for other scripts that might be relevant to your application.

To visualise the indices you can use Process API and if you want to generate statistics for your fields / estate you can look into the Statistical API that will allow you to track moisture over time.

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