Using data_filter with Processing API (Python)

I’m migrating some code to Processing API and I wonder what’s the best way to use data_filter in a download request before downloading data.

What I have now:

  1. Create a WCSRequest
  2. my_wcs_request.get_dates()
  3. Filter the images/dates I want to download from the list
  4. Download just the images I need with: my_wcs_request.save_data(data_filter=myfilter)

If I use SentinelHubRequests & SentinelHubDownloadClient now, what’s the best way to apply the filter before downloading?
Do I need to make a previous WCSRequest just for using the get_dates parameter and then apply the data_filter in the SentinelHubRequest.get_data(data_filter=...)?

Thanks in advance!

I think I found the right answer for this just after posting. If I’m not wrong, I guess the right way to do it is using SentinelHubCatalog.


Hi @a.paz,

SentinelHubCatalog is the correct answer. I’m just letting you know that at the moment the implementation of this class is still on develop branch of sentinelhub-py. We intend to release it by the next week.

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Ok, next week would be perfect! Thank you very much Matej!

We have just made a release. Catalog API is now supported in sentinelhub-py with SentinelHubCatalog class. More information in the tutorial notebook.

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Nice! I started working with development branch a few days ago, now switched to the new release 3.2.0 and it’s working perfect. Thanks again!