Using request builder to access planet data via my own api key

Hi there,

I would like to integrate some commercial data into my web app configured to align with sentinel’s OCG services. But before I purchase a package, I would like to test the feasibility with minimum cost. So I came up with the following approach:

I will use the request builder to order some planet scope images, but using my own api key created several years ago when I registered at Planet Lab with an ‘Education and Research Standard (PlanetScope)’ account. I have 25 km square quota every month. When I clicked ‘prepare’, it says ‘you don’t have sufficient permission for this action, please contact support’. It looks like this api key is not what the request builder is expecting, and the request builder only takes those keys offered with package purchasing.

I’m wondering if I could use, or at least test with, my own api key. I think my question is related to this post: Accessing Plant data. It would be great if you help me solve this.

Thank you very much1

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