Using Sentinel-hub to process commercial data for academic and research purpose

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I need clarification about the way Sentinel-hub is used. With a trial account, I would like to use PlaneScope and Airbus pleiades products. But each time I tried to access these products, the browser redirected me to the publicly available Sentinel-2 catalog.

I am aiming to apply for a free version that will support my academic research from the ESA NoN-sponsor program. Please can someone explain how this works? Thanks

Hi Michael,
to be able to purchase and order commercial data, l ike PlanetScope and Pleiades, you need to have a paid subscription first.
Find step-by-step description on ESA-NOR here:

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Many thanks Grega for your feedback. Please allow me to get further clarification. Does the ESA sponsorship program allows access to the commercial hub like the one mentioned above? If not, then what exactly is ESA NoR sponsorship all about?

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Hi Michael,
ESA NOR provides sponsorship both to Sentinel Hub subscription, as well as for access to commercial data.

I do sincerely appreciate your feedback.

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