WcsRequest not retrieving image for specific locations

Hi all,
I am currently trying to retrieve images during a specific time interval for different latitude - longitude points.
I noticed that my Python script works fine most of the time, but for certain points no image is retrieved from the server (although when navigating through the sentinel hub browser I noticed that there are actually satellite images available within my searched time interval).

See below one example of my Python Script for a specific point:

As we can see, no images were retrieved. However, when looking at the Sentinel Hub for the exact same latitude-longitude point (-13.14, -55.65), I can see that there are actually several images available from Sentinel 2 L1C Satellite.

Does anyone what might be the problem? (Already checked and both my script and image from web browser were retrieving images from the Sentinel 2 L1C Satellite)

Hi @douglas_fugi,

Have you checked the max_cloud_cov parameter value?


Hi @batic,
Thanks for the help!

I just tried to omit this parameter, but sadly no success.

Any other idea what might be the issue? :confused:

Hi All.
Just noticed a silly mistake in my code.

As the previous snippet of my code shows, I have entered first the latitude and then latter the longitude. However, as the sentinel hub documentation shows, the order should be inverted (longitude and then latitude).

Thanks for the help!

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