WFS filter by product id

I would like to filter WFS request results by product ID.

I am trying this:,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2018-05-01/2018-05-25&version=2.0.0&filter=idS2B_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_MPS__20180521T121008_A006297_T33TVM_N02.06

but filter has no effect and returns the same results as:,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2018-05-01/2018-05-25&version=2.0.0

Is there a way to use the kind of filtering ?

This is not supported by Sentinel Hub.
You can query by combination of data (down to seconds of the product) and geometry (e.g. using product boundary) and you will get same results.

This was a decision done in the very beginning as we decided we want to provide service to seamless stream of data, unobstracted by artificial entities like product (which, in the beginning was a composite of 5-200 scenes, which made it even more chaotic).

OK, thank you for your quick reply