What are the SMC, SMD, SLD, SPC, etc.?


I have some questions about EO browser.

When I search on EO browser I get different type of abbreviations on results such as below:

1- What are the meanings of SMC, SMD, SLD, SPC, etc.?

2- Do you think that will be incompetible to use NDVI values of S2B and S2A together (from EO browser)?

3-. What should be the limit of cloud percentage to get correct NDVI values (I just choose zero cloud percentage to get correct NDVI values) ?


  1. 35SMC and similar are identifiers of Sentinel-2 MGRS grid tiles. See
  2. S2A and S2B are calibrated in a way so that NDVI should be practically the same, apart of atmospheric correction issues. The only currently known issue is small shift of S2B. I suggest you check quality report for details.
  3. Cloud cover filter works on the scene level, e.g. 100x100km. Therefore 1% of clouds might just obstruct your area of interest and in 90% you can have your area clear. I suggest you visually check your AOI for clouds.
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