Where in the buckets is the file MTD_TL.xml included in the .SAFE product?

The original .SAFE product files that can be downloaded manually from the copernicus platform include a MTD_TL.xml metadata file. Its location in a product follows a structure like:


Specifically I am interested in the info such as the “Mean_Sun_Angle” and “Mean_Viewing_Incidence_Angle” within it. The problem is that I see nowhere in the buckets any metadata file that contains that. Where is that information?

The buckets where I am trying to find it are ‘s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/products/’ OR ‘s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/’. My best guess is that this info should be in either of these structures but it is not there (examples with a random product):





However I don’t see the information that I am looking for in files saved in the above mentioned structure. Where is that info in the buckets?


thanks for the question, as you a interested in obtaining the .SAFE file contents, I would recommend looking into using Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem as your data source. For more information, check out their documentation.