WMS for multi-temporal evalscript with data fusion


Right now we displays AOIs in a map with custom indices that we’ve built. For this, we use the Sentinel Hub JS SDK in our Node API and one of the functions we use is the getMapUrl. This gives us a URL that we then send to the frontend to use when needed.

We are starting to integrate a new index that needs fusion data (Sentinel 2 + Planet) but from different dates. Sentinel 2 should be the day before Planet (Jan 3 => Sentinel 2 & Jan 4 Planet).

We were able accomplish this using SH Request Builder setting different date ranges for each datasource but we can’t have the same using getMapUrl function.

Looking at the getMapUrl documentation and code and also at the API reference for WMS, is it possible that this cannot be accomplished using GET HTTP request through WMS API and that we need to use the POST Process API.
If that’s the case, then there’s no way to get a GET url to just use in the frontend correct? So we should probably end up using the other API, getting the actual image and then saving it to something like S3 to then return a url to get that image.

Are we in the right path with this? Are these assumptions correct? Any other insights or suggestions that could help us?

Thanks in advance!

That is correct.

I would suggest you use Sentinel Hub JS on the frontend as well as the library is not limited to be used only on the backend. If you were able to compile a Process API request that meets your needs then it would make sense to use that on the frontend as well.

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