WMS for Sentinel-5P-L2


I am trying to create a WMS configuration with Sentinel-5P-L2. I keep getting “no products found” under it when I try to add a new layer. I am able to browse Sentinel-5 products on EO, but I would like to get it on WMS. Any suggestions?


For Sentinel-5P we do not yet have pre-defined products configured, so you need to compile them yourself using the band names described here:

To start it is easiest to use “New Configuration -> Create configuration based on” functionality:

Thanks for the response. I did try the pre-configured Sentinel-5p template functionality, which also has the same issue. Even though the band names are configured, preview is not shown, and when I export it to ‘playground’, I cannot see the maps.

Moreover, when I click on the ‘data processing’ editor, I don’t get to see the base products. I tried giving the band names in the custom script, but that doesn’t work.

Just want to check if I am missing anything else you suggested.


The CreoDIAS datasources do not work in Preview and Playground, I believe (these features were not yet updated to support non-core datasets).
You should however be able to view the products using WMS in QGIS or similar.

For these layers you only have Custom scripts defined, there are no product definitions yet.

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