WMS request return white tiles on some dates

We have experienced problems, that WMS return white tiles on dates, where actually S2 images should be available. it is important for us to get image from exact date, even if it cloudy. But these white tiles doesn’t look like cloud…

For example request like this:

Fore the same tile, it happens also with dates 2019-06-01, 2019-06-24, 2019-07-02, 2019-07-04, 2019-07-12, 2019-07-19, 2019-07-26, 2019-08-03, 2019-08-05.

Are we requesting them wrong or are some images filtered out already by default?
Thank you.

I would guess that your FALSE_COLOR layer is configured to filter the data with cloud coverage more than X% (meta-data based).
You can change this setting in configuration utility - if you set it to 100%, you will get images regardless of this meta-data property.
Or you simply add MAXCC=100 to your request and you will get the same as well (parameters in the request are overriding the configuration)

Thank you for the help.
You were right - adding parameter MAXCC=100 solved the problem. This applied also to true color images.
We didn’t use this parameter beforehand, since in documentation default value was said to be 100 anyway. For the other users, maybe its worth to explain it also there.

Thanks again!