WmsRequest does not retrieve Data (Python)

I’m using Example Jupyter Notebook as a reference. I checked on Eo Browser and at 2020-03-14 there is data for my zone of interest (yellow zone, named Olisur), which you can check on the map using:

from ipyleaflet import Map, WMSLayer
m = Map(center=[-34.273, -71.45])
m.zoom = 13

The code runs without errors, but image = wms_request.get_data()[-1] returns error out of index, because wms_request is not getting data.

How can i solve this? I already followed the steps for configuration and instance ID and installed the required libraries

Can you try changing the order of lat/lon?
It might be that you are using different versions of WMS/WFS and you stumbled across this horrible mess called order of lat/lon parameters in OGC standards…

Thank you very much, that was the issue