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I have a sponsorship request approved by ESA that assured me with a quota of 50km² for WorldView and Pleiades services and a 340ha for PlanetScope. My problem is that in the request builder only apperas my quota from Pleiades. Neither Planet or WorldView quotas are shown to be used. Should i perform some other procedure before ordering these images ?

Hi @fabriciofernandes3f,
for WorldView and PlanetScope we have to do some further compliance checks. We have sent a list of information to your colleague, who has registered for NOR, but never received an answer from him. I suggest you contact him and he should send the requested information.


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If I have the request Id could you send me this information? or do you have any contact channel where I can be requesting them ?

Ideally the information would be received from the contact person for the specific NOR application.
Is this not possible? I.e. does that person not work with you any longer?

Unfortunately this is not possible because he no longer works with us.

Do send us some sort of a proof that the NOR application was transferred to you and we will try to work around it.

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where should I send this proofs? the sponsorship request is enough proof?

It is. Send it to the e-mail that was CC-ed in the sponsorship request.

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