XML file error for SENTINEL-2 L2A SWIR dataset


I am a new EO browser user.

I have been downloading SENTINEL-2 L2A SWIR data for the last few weeks. For the last two days I have been getting the following error when I try to complete the download.
This error only seems to occur for the SWIR data. I tried NDWI for comparison and it worked perfectly.

Am I suddenly doing something wrong, or is there a problem on the other end?


Can you describe the problem in more details, so that we can reproduce it? E.g. link, steps, perhaps some screenshot?

For sure.
Going through the process of writing these instructions, it seems that the problem has arisen because of the size of area that I’m trying to extract. It’s about 1,200 km2. The kml polygon was working early last week, but for some reason it is now producing a error.

I start by going to the EO Browser and searching for an area e.g. Nyngan (Sentinel Hub EO Browser)

Under “Data sources” I select “Sentinel-2” and “L2A”, I select a Time range (e.g. 15 April 2020). And click “Search”

When the results come up I select one. In this case I picked MGRS location 55JEF.

Under “Visualisation” I select SWIR.

Using the “Draw area of interest” tool I draw a polygon. The only below is an example roughly the same size as the one I’m trying to use.

I then select the “Download image” tool and use the “Analytical” tab, (which requires login) and enter the following specifications.
Image format: TIFF (32-bit float)
Image resolution: HIGH
Coordinate system: WGS 84
Layers: SWIR

When I select “Download” the error from the original post appears.


This is indeed a too large area. The export from EO Browser is limited to 2.500x2.500 px and this area seems just a bit too large. The app should prevent this in the first place, but it seems that it is not.
I suggest to split the area in smaller parts and try again.

Thanks gmilcinski,

It’s worth noting that this polygon was working fine up until this week. Why would it have changed?
Also, it works fine when trying to extract other data, e.g. NDWI.

I also tried cutting the polygon in half and extracting the SWIR data and it still didn’t work.

Hi @elise.armstrong,
we have recently changed the backend service, which reduces the limit of individual request to 2.500x2.500 px. EO Browser however was not yet changed in this respect, but will be soon.
The reason, why NDWI is working (for the moment) is that that one goes to another end-point, which still uses the old version, with larger limits.
Please try to cut SWIR polygon to under 2.500px - if this does not work, please provide here a geojson of your area, so that we give it a try.

Sorry for the inconvenience.