High res imagery from Pleiades

Hey everyone!

So I got a quote for Pleiades imagery, which is supposed to be 0.5m resolution, and I figured out how to visualize the order data in EO Browser (this was sooo counterintuitive, why would no one include it in the video about ordering 3d party data you have on youtube? the guy just has “show data” button there just like that, and no one mentions that you need to actually have a special configuration for this).

However, the imagery I get visualised at my AOI is extremely low res, and when i download it, it is also super low res. Am i doing something wrong? How do I get to download the high res imagery from the order?

I read about downloading the imagery from Dashboard here: How to download high size pleiades or spot images, but the images i got in that origin archive are also low res. Is there something else i need to configure to get high res data?

Would be really thankful for any tips

@william.ray @gmilcinski

Hi @geophys-rsrch ,

Sorry for letting you feel the visualisation process is counterintuitive. Here is a webinar we prepared for users to guide through order and visualisation process of the Third Party Data Import API step-by-step. I hope this explains the API better.

Regarding the resolution, only the panchromatic band is 0.5m resolution and all other bands are 2m resolution according to the documentation. Please try to apply pan-sharpening to your data to obtained 0.5m pan-sharpened imagery. Here is an example script which gives a good true color visualisation for Pleaiades data.

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