How much time does it take for Landsat L2 product to be available?


So far we’ve been using Landsat 8-9 L1 product, but as the docs say, L2 product has some corrections and it would probably be better for us if we use the latter.

Is there any time estimations on how much does it take for L2 product to be available vs. L1?
We cannot find anything on the docs. Perhaps somewhere on USGS? Or if not anywhere, do you have any idea?

In the past we create another topic because we had this issue. Apparently it took more than 1 day for the L2 product to be available vs the L1. Is this common? If this is the case we need to continue using L1 because we want the images ASAP. If this was an exception, we could consider moving to L2.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Hi Matias,

As was previously stated in the previous post, the processing time mostly depends on the data provider USGS. Reading the page linked in our documentation it says the following on USGS’s website:

Newly acquired Landsat 8-9 Level-2 science products are typically available within 24 hours after a scene has been processed into Level-1 Tier 1 or Tier 2 product.

Hey William, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, some time before reading this reply I found the same doc.

I understand that USGS needs to probably put a considerable amount of time just to cover some cases, I was just wondering perhaps Sentinel Hub had some inside analytics to know more about this time gap, an average time based on your system ingestions.

But you might not have more info on this. So based on the docs and what you are saying, I guess that if we need the images ASAP, it’s probably a better path for us to go with L1

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