Landsat 8 17/01 yestrerday image unavailable

Hope you are doing well.
I am waiting for the Landsat-8 image of yesterday, 17/01/23, for these coordinates: Lat: -30.84496, Lng: -58.63277
I can see that the image is available in (, however it doesnt appear on the Eo Browser or the request builder.
We are working with crop irrigation and the timing of the image is most relevant for us.

I would like to know, Will be available any time today?
How much time does it usually take for landsat images to be available on the platform?

Thank you very much.


Are you looking for the product LC08_L1TP_226081_20230117_20230117_02_RT? We have it since yesterday 16:11.

On average it takes a few hours to get Landsat products, and this mostly depends on the data provider (USGS).


Thanks, yes that is the product I am looking for.
I was looking for L2 product, I think that was my mistake.

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