How to get S2 L2A data harmonised through time

As I can see processing baseline of images are now 4.0, so they are in new baseline not compatible with 2021 (example: S2A_MSIL2A_20220402T095031_N0400_R079_T33UYU_20220402T130540.SAFE) … how do I download compatible ones?

Use Sentinel Hub API, configured with harmonizeValues option.

You mean to process it from L1C? Or to be able to download ready-to-go one?

Using Sentinel Hub you can access L2A data directly, as they are. Check this example:

Oh ok, but I need original image format, not tifs.

Then there is no other option than handling the differences between baseline versions on your side, as there does not exist a repository with new data with old-baseline-values.

this is a sad news, but thank You for the information

btw… did L1C change as well in feb 25th? because using Sen2cor with baseline 3.00 did not fix the problem with different values.

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