No access to assets when ordering data from PlanetScope

I’m trying to create a 3rd party data import order using this notebook as an example Covid 19 PlanetScope SUPERMARKETS
It works ok up until order confirmation. Then I get this error:

  "error": {
    "status": 400,
      "reason": "Bad Request",
        "message": "{
          "field": {
              {"message":"No access to assets: PSScene4Band/20210609_113016_1049/[analytic analytic_xml udm"}    
      "message":"Unable to accept order"}]}\n",
        "code": "COMMON_BAD_PAYLOAD"

My quota for Planet Scope:

Planet Scope
Total: 1000 km2
Used: 3.162 km2
Remaining: 996.838 km2

What am I missing?

Hi @sentinelhub,

the test API key that you have received three months ago has expired. We have sent you a new one via private message.


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