Pixel value in API

Hey everyone!
What should I add to the following API link if I want the pixel value to be displayed everytime I point at it in my webapp?

Hi @tilila.aitjeddi,
what do you mean “pixel value”? Like an actual number, rather than raster pixel?
If so, I would recommend you use Statistical API:

You will need to provide a polygon geometry rather than point, but you can simply construct a super small rectangle around the point.

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i mean when I’m working with the NDVI layer, I want everytime I point at a pixel, to find its NDVI value in display. Is that even possible?

This depends quite a bit on qht kind of application are you using. Our API can provide actual NDVI value for any chosen pixel, as I demonstrated above. However, if you create a layer with NDVI values, you will require FLOAT32-supported raster layers (as NDVI values are typically between -1 and 1), which is not supported in most GIS tools out there.

That said, if you want to get a layer of NDVI values, you can simply configure it as described here: