PlanetScope subscription - missing permissions

Oh nevermind, we got an email letting us know the new quota was available. So it seems there’s some time between the purchase and the availability of that quota.

On another topic, using this new quota and trying to start a subscription we are getting the following issue:

      "reason":"Bad Request",
      "message":"{\"error\":{\"reason\":\"Source issue\",\"details\":[\"catalog: Missing permissions for requested item type, asset types, geometry or date range\"]}}",

If we look at the subscription input JSON it looks like this:


Is there anything wrong with this? We subscribed in the past with a similar payload.

Hi @minian.matias,
are we right to assume that you get this error when confirming the subscription?
I see you have quite a few subscriptions created today, but not yet confirmed. Can we try the action on one of them (i.e. 0ace1375-MASKED), to be able to debug?

Yes, sorry, that was the case, we were trying to confirm/start a subscription from the request builder.

We just tried starting the following subscription 0ace1375-MASKED and we got the same error.

Just wondering if the "productBundle":"analytic_8b_sr_udm2" or the "harmonizeTo":"Sentinel-2" are the issue. Based on the API reference and the “Data” => “Planet Scope” section of the docs, these values should be ok, but based on the “Third Party Data Import API” docs, the only available product bundle is analytic_sr_udm2 and it says to harmonize to NONE. I guess this last section is outdated right? Since we already used the new product bundle and harmonize fields before and it worked.



we confirmed problems with certain subscriptions and are investigating. Thank you for reporting.

Thanks for the update. Any idea when will this be fixed?

We were thinking about leveraging the Planet data today/tomorrow for some insights and investigations on the field.

Also, one difference between these subscriptions and the previous ones that worked is the tier. These new subscriptions are for tier 2 while the first ones we bought were for tier 1. Not sure if it has something to do with this, but maybe it helps


I am sorry for failing to provide an estimated time to fix. We are still analyzing the problem.

Regarding the productBundle and harmonizeTo parameters, they are valid. The limitations listed in the docs only applied to the deprecated “PSScene4Band” itemType. We have updated the docs, thank you for pointing this out.


it turned out your account was not configured correctly at Planet. It should be fixed now. I have confirmed the subscription you mentioned, so you should be able to confirm the rest of them too. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you! It’s working now, we subscribed all the AOIs without any more issues.

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