Pleiades commercial images

I am interested in suscribing for getting images from Pleiades, I understand from the documentation that there is no minimum area for the service apart from the 0.25 Km2. Typically I need areas from 1 to 5 Km2. Can you confirm?

Also, is there any way to see which are the available images on archive before suscribing?

Thanks in advance

Hi @roberto.carballa1,
you are right, minimum area of individual order is 0.25 km2.
You will need to purchase at least 100 EUR worth of consumption in advance, but if there is something remaining after end of use, we will refund the remaining budget. It’s just an accountancy matter.
Note that you will also have to subscribe to Sentinel Hub to use its APIs to access these data.

There is no trial access to this dataset, but if you purchase a quota and then decide you do not want to use it, we will refund it.


Hi Grega,

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to order tasking using the API?


No, not yet. It should become possible in a couple of months. Note though that there are significantly different constraints with tasking, e.g. min. order size of 100 sq. km for Pleiades and higher prices.

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